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One of my passions is creating (and wearing) bracelets. I have designed a new collection of wrap bracelets in 2, 3 or 5 strand lengths. They are also meant to be worn as strand necklaces so they are double the value! Some designs highlight the simplicity of the beautiful stones with soft colors and simple shapes. Others focus more on texture through the accumulation of small elements. I also have a selection of charm bracelets, silver linked stones and more on this site. I hope you enjoy them! Contact me for special stones or sizing.


gemstone two strand bracelet
turquoise, Peruvian opal, turritella agate, silver
tourmalinated quartz and silver bracelet
tourmalinated quartz, fine and sterling silver
5 strand stone wrap bracelet
semi precious gemstone
bronzite multi strand bracelet
bronzite, fresh water pearl, silver and mixed metals
7 strand fresh water pearl and seed bead bracelet
fresh water pearl, seed bead, sterling silver
labradorite 5-strand with blue lace agate bracelet
labradorite, blue lace agate
5 strand wrap with sodalite, tanzanite
sodalite, tanzanite, silver
amazonite, silver oval chain two strand
amazonite, silver
turitella agate and turquoise strand
fine and sterling silverturitella agate and turquoise
lapis and tanzanite 5-strand wrap bracelet
lapis, tanzanite, sterling silver
6-strand bracelet with turquoise, lapis, pyrite and silver
lapis, turquoise, pyirte, silver
Blue Labradorite, fine silver
blue labradorite
fresh water pearl charm bracelet
fresh water pearls, sterling
tanzanite and turquoise two strand bracelet
tanzanite, turquoise, silver
semi-precious gemstone wrap bracelet
olive jade, pryite, labradorite
eight strand bracelet with turquoise, jasper, flourite
jasper, turquoise, flourite
4 strand bracelet, semi-precious gemstone, silver
silver, iolite, turquoise
Two strand bracelet with tanzanite, chalcedony
tanzanite, chalcedony, African agate, silver
wrap bracelet
onyx, sterling
Turquoise and pearl bracelet
sliver, pearls, turquoise, lampwork beads
7 3/4"
multi strand bracelet
flourite, amazonite, turquoise, silver
3 strand wrap bracelet
semi precious gemstone and silver
Two-strand German silver, sterling, and fine silver bracelet
Sterling, fine and German silver
lapis, turquoise, cheladony and silver bracelet
lapis, turquoise, cheladony
smoky quartz bracelet with turquoise
smoky quartz, turquoise, silver
pearl and lapis charms on sterling circle chain
fresh water pearls, lapis, silver
Amazonite, jasper, pyrite bracelet
amazonite, sand jasper, pyrite
fresh water pearls and silver bracelet
fresh water pearls, silver
Smoky quartz, turquoise and silver multi strand bracelet
semi precious gemstone and silver
Peruvian opal/pearl multi strand bracelet
pearl linked to hammered open circles beacelet
fresh water pearls, sterling
Five-strand bracelet with pyrite, lapis, turquoise
Pyrite, lapis, turquoise and silver